General Provident Fund 


O/of the Principal Accountant General (A & E)- I, Maharashtra , Mumbai

An Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) exists which enables all AIS officers and State  Government employees excluding class IV employees (whose GPF accounts are maintained by State Government Department) to access information on Closing Balance, Current Balance, Missing Credits, Debits status of Final Withdrawal Application etc. about their GPF Account electronically. The information can be obtained on phone no. (022) 22074001 and is available at all times in Hindi, Marathi and English. The system has a mailbox facility for subscribers to leave messages. This user friendly system is particularly useful for Government servants who are in distant towns and villages of Maharashtra.


O/of the Accountant General (A & E)- II, Maharashtra , Nagpur
Dial any number between 2562175 to 2562179. After the connection is made, the system will automatically interact with the caller. Select the Language by pressing 6 for Hindi or 7 for English or 5 for Marathi after the Beep. Caller has to press the appropriate number according to his specific requirement. To Login the system requires the Numeric Series code and the GPF no. The System Plays back the Series and GPF no for Confirmation. Then the PIN number has to be dialed when the system prompts. The system on verifying the given Series code, GPF no and PIN verifies the account and if found correct, plays the Latest credit posted month and Year. Then the user is given a menu for various Options as follows:
3 for Closing Balance as on 31st March of the Previous Financial Year;
4 for Current Balances;
5 for Advances drawn;
6 for Missing Credits;
7 for Final Payment Status;
8 for changing PIN;
9 for updating the Date of Birth (if not available in the database.)
0 to Exit.
For each option from 3 to 7 a repeat playing option is available.